Roman Lancea with Ash Shaft


Lancea-spear was specially used by Roman auxiliaries. It was lighter than pilum and could be used in hand-to-hand combat as well as an accurate throwing weapon. It was used by both infantry and cavalry. Infantrymen usually carried several lancea to be thrown before engaging hand-to-hand combat. When legions had to deal with Sassanid heavy cavalry pilum was replaced with lancea, a more well-rounded weapon that was much better in hand-to-hand against cavalry than swords thanks to its better reach. Lancea became more and more popular and by the end of the Empire it was the main weapon of the legions.
Shaft is made of ash, typical material for these spears during Roman times. Spear shapes did not vary much and spears like this were in use before, during and after Roman times. Can be used as a throwing spear.

Overall length 193cm (76"), head 22.5cm (8 6/7") long. Weight 0,7kg (1 1/2 lbs).

Due to the length of this item, please contact us first if shipping outside Europe.

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