Lightly Padded Mail Mittens


Mail was used to protect hands already before the Viking Age in the North but gained popularity and became common during the Crusading Era during 12th Century when elite warriors, knights and men-at-arms started wearing mail from head to toe. Richest knights got some additional steel plates in addition to mail to protect their hands during the 14th Century but mail also remained in use throughout the whole Middle Ages.

These mittens are made of durable brown suede leather and have mail and light padding on the back of the hand. The woolen padding gives little extra protection to the back of your hand and fingers with the leather and mail.

The rings are made of 1.4 mm thick steel and have inner diameter of 6 mm. The steel rings are left natural without any coating to keep the look and feeling as authentic as possible. We recommend that you keep the rings lightly oiled to keep patina and rust at bay.

The mittens weigh approx. 1.0 kg/pair = 500 g each. Fits well to most users (size 8-11 hands).
Made by Ulfberth.

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