Leather Muscle Armor


The ancient Greeks began manufacturing and using breast plates that were copying the male body. These muscle armors didn’t have the protection of the later metal body armors, but still had advantages: it gave the impression that the soldier would go into battle with naked torso, armor was light and didn’t slow the soldier down and it also gave the carrier an idealized, muscular chest. The variation of the classic muscle armor was also made of bronze and was later used by the Romans for centuries as a part of officer’s armory. In the Middle Ages, this idea was taken up and used again.

These kinds of breast plates made of hardened leather were common in the classical days. They are made by forming hot, wet leather and letting it to dry and harden into a shape. Armor holds its structure very well after drying. Result is impressive: lightweight, sturdy and durable armor. Comes with elastic straps on the backside for convenient use. These can be easily replaced with leather ones or strings if strict authenticity is needed.

Available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL

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