Early Medieval Brown Tunic


In the most northern parts of Europe the clothing style of the common man and woman remained virtually the same all the way from the Viking Era to the Renaissance. Only small decorations and jewelry changed as decades and centuries changed.

As standard base clothing both, men and women, wore a long dress with sleeves, hoses or pants and some form of head dress. Dress that ended at the knees or higher was called a tunic. Clothes weren’t used to identify sex as commonly as nowadays but more commonly your status in the society. Men inherited and used women’s clothing and vice versa. The clothing styles of women and men differentiated clearly as late as the 1300’s when men’s tunics became shorter and shorter. Of course short tunics (length above knee) were used before but during and after 1300’s everybody were using them.

This tunic can be used both men and women. The hem has been modified in a classical medieval style by adding gussets (triangular parts) to the hem for added movability and space. Especially in the heat of battle free movement of the legs is crucial.

This light and comfortable tunic is made of authentic- , rough- and hand-made -looking weave made of 100% cotton. The tunic is based on a survived original piece. The clothing style changed very slowly in the northern Europe and you could easily run into something like this in the countryside even at the beginning of the Modern Era. Tunics like this were common from around 800 to the 1300s. Made by Marshal Historical.

XS104 cm100 cm
S113 cm115 cm
M118 cm116 cm
L123 cm117,5 cm
XL128 cm119 cm
XXL130 cm120 cm

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