Salomon Letter Opener


The legendary King Solomon was a fabulously wealthy and wise king of Israel. Son of David, the previous king of Israel, he is said to have ruled from c. 970 to 931 BCE. According to the Talmud, Solomon is one of the 48 prophets, in the Quran, he is considered a major prophet, and the Hebrew Bible credits him as the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem. In the legends he is portrayed as wise, wealthy, and powerful beyond measure. The most famous of these stories, the Judgment of Solomon, has him resolve a disupute over a baby, by commanding the child to be cut in half and shared between the two women. Solomon declares the woman who would rather give up the child than see it killed, to be the true mother.

Our King Solomon Letter Opener celebrates the legendary King of Israel and pays tribute to this great spirituality and wisdom. This kingly letter opener has decorations across the whole of the hilt. The images decorating the sword include the Star of David, the Menorah, and the Lions of Judea.

Made by Marto of Toledo. Overall length 26 cm. Silver Finish hilt. Stainless Steel Blade.

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