Antiqued Throwing Axe


A throwing axe could be used as a weapon in two ways. As a hand-held weapon it had lethal force, capable of cleaving helms, mail and shields, while a volley of thrown axes could disrupt an opposing force and allow a breakthrough in a shield wall. The Vikings used throwing axes much like the Frankish warriors centuries before them.

Throwing-axes seem to be one of those innovations in human history of multiple discovery. For example the north-American tomahawk was in wide use before European settlers arrived, separately discovered from the European one. The blade of this throwing axe has a relatively short cutting edge, which means that any power in a strike is concentrated, which is ideal for punching through any armor of the Viking period. This well-balanced and competition approved throwing axe has a hardwood shaft.
Made by Hanwei. Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Overall length:42.5 cm
Blade length:7.5 cm
Blade thickness near shaft:18 mm
Blade thickness near edge:5.7 mm
Weight:600 g
Blade material: Carbon steel
Sharpness: Sharp

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